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Donors realize that communities change. They also realize that there are many demands on resources, not only from family commitments but also from numerous charitable organizations who continuously solicit. Often it is hard to decide whose need is the greatest and whether a gift can really make a difference. Donors want to feel confident that their gift is essential.

A Hand Up Charitable Foundation makes the decision easy for you. The Community Investment Committee of the Board not only identifies areas of need, it also monitors projects to ensure the funds are appropriately spent and that people are benefiting as planned. Remember, at this foundation “If it’s raised here, it stays here.” Your gift will be used to help local people through local organizations.

All administrative costs are donated or underwritten by Board members, so 100% of your gift will be used to assist local organizations in our community. If you donate $1.00 to A Hand Up Charitable Foundation, then $1.00 will benefit people in need. No fees will be charged for administrative overhead.

Our “needs up” application process is streamlined. Nonprofit agency representatives helped develop the forms, processes, and policies, so that the money that you donate reaches the people who most need it as quickly as possible. A Hand Up Charitable Foundation is about answering urgent needs in our community while ensuring that your contribution is being used responsibly.

A Hand Up Charitable Foundation is committed to finding new ways of giving and receiving – intensifying civic engagement – creating new energy for local philanthropy.