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The philosophy of the Foundation is to respond to organizations that provide assistance to persons in need – children, families, and adults – with “a hand up” versus “a hand out.” A key component of that philosophy is the assistance of local people through local nonprofits. “If it’s raised here, it stays here” is more than just a cliché – it is the fundamental principal that guides grant making and fundraising decisions. The Foundation has adopted a “first responder” posture by developing application processes, eligibility standards, and reporting requirements that are streamlined “to get the job done.”

The Foundation is committed to being flexible and thoughtful. The highest ethical and professional standards will govern the Foundation’s operation. Built into this model is a timely response to real issues as they arise.

Urgent needs do not occur on a grant schedule timeline. Because of this, A Hand Up Charitable Foundation has a rolling application process. The Board meets frequently, as needed, to review applications. Agencies that submit successful applications will be given the opportunity to receive technical assistance to promote their ongoing independence.

Nonprofit agencies are encouraged to fundraise at the most fruitful times of the year. There are no black out periods with A Hand Up Charitable Foundation.